Engages a Child's Natural Imagination and Creativity

A series of beautiful maps and relatable characters stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and imagination while teaching coping strategies and problem-solving skills.

Easily Adaptable to Any Goal or Situation

Each map offers a variety of options, locations, trails, and tools, making the journey of problem solving in PluckyWize flexible, adaptable and fun.


A fun, interactive program designed to creatively develop the spirited, brave, and courageous potential of every child.

Children thrive when they feel courageous, resilient, effective, and creative.

Fun, Engaging, and Playful

PluckyWize offers a fun and game-like approach to problem solving goal setting, and skill building.

Leveraging a child’s natural abilities for visualization and imagination

The PluckyWize Program guides children through the process of exploring and problem solving with tools specifically developed for children that are accessible, easy to use, supportive, fun, visually rich, and imaginative. These tools not only teach, but also help children develop their strengths to:


Challenge their current thinking

Explore new behaviors

Reinforce their successes

Accompanied by the Plucky Pak characters

Children make their way along the trails of the Imaginal Mastery Map™, collecting knowledge, adding to their life-skills toolbox, filling their personalized Bravery Box™, enhancing their coping skills, learning Map Talk™, and developing their resilience and creative thinking.

PluckyWize is an invaluable tool for parents, teachers, caretakers, camp counselors, therapists, and anyone working with children.

A fun, interactive program designed to creatively develop the spirited, brave, and courageous potential of every child.


It helped me swim a 100 IM race for the first time even though I was scared. I think PluckyWize is awesome.


Age 7

It made me realize how courageous I was to dive into the deep end at the pool and now I am a competitive swimmer.


Age 10


If I could, I would ask all parents, “Wouldn’t you like an easy way to talk to your kids about any situation or problem and help them take more responsibility for the way they act?” I did and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to try PluckyWize. The maps taught my daughter and the rest of our family how to “hike the trail” to what PluckyWize calls Mastery Mountain. It worked for us. And, it’s a fun way to figure things out. Almost like a game. Thanks, PluckyWize!

Molly B.

Working mom


PluckyWize, with its game-based format, provides a new method for talk therapy. PW gives therapists, educators, and parents a new way to help children talk about their feelings using a playful, kid-friendly language called Map Talk. PluckyWize can help children turn feelings into productive actions as they head for Mastery Mountain.

Diane Provo, M.S. Ed.

Child Development Consultant, Behavioral Specialist and Educational Advisor


The PluckyWize program helped me explain, set goals, and normalize the process of therapy for my child and teen clients. The engaging PluckyWize map is easy for my clients to understand and empowers clients to choose their own “path” towards wellness. PluckyWize is simple to use and easy to explain to children, teens, and their caregivers. The program is flexible and can be used to address a wide range of presenting symptoms and issues. I think PluckyWize would be beneficial to Therapists, Children, Teens, Parents, and Teachers.

Meredith S.